InstaDutchland- A Montessori Toddler Room of His Own

13 October 2014

Montessori-Inspired Dutch Toddler Room

Out of all the rooms in our house, our son’s room is the one that is the farthest along to being finished. It’s also arguably the easiest room to decorate. Though it’s not completely finished yet, I couldn’t resist sharing some snapshots of it.


If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you would know that I have a particular soft spot for vintage, Scandinavian and modern minimalist design trends. And it was our 1930s Dutch cottage in the woods that inspired my latest design preferences.


It was so easy to work with the natural beauty of this room – the hardwood floors, the original wood paneling, the built in closets and cupboards, the different nooks and crannies, the slanted walls and the abundance of light thanks to the two strategically placed windows. The room simply evokes nostalgia of happy childhood memories.


Taking a page out of Montessori, we also wanted to create a playful, functional and safe space for him. Most importantly, for him to feel like it’s a special room of his own, a space where he can play and let his imagination roam free. In true Montessori-style fashion, we made his toddler room in a way where everything would be easily accessible for him – the twin mattress on the floor, his miniature library, closet and shelves he can open to choose his clothes, and the various storage spaces for him to collect and put away his toys.


Montessori Inspired Toddler Room details


As you can also see, I made two separate “spaces” to encourage him to read. There is a reading nook with his own little tent and a wooden treasure box filled with his latest favorites. The other space – a mini library with low placed shelves – was strategically placed next to the door, making it not only easy for him to grab his book when he’s in the room, but to also for him to take a book (or two) with him when he walks out.





Thanks for letting me share his room with you! And hopefully, if you’re also a parent-to-be or a parent, this post may have given you some inspiration too.
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