finding dutchland

finding dutchland

Hello, I’m Rina Mae Acosta and thanks so much for visiting my little space on the internet. I am a Filipino-American freelance writer and photographer currently living in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband and two sons.

My baptism into the public writing world was propelled by my blog post, “The 8 Secrets of Dutch Kids, the Happiest Kids in the World.” With over two million page views, my blog has garnered international attention and was featured on Al Jeezera America Consider This, Jan Magazine, and De Telegraaf.

I hold a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and a M.S. in Health Economics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. I have a soft spot for nature, beautiful things, the ordinary moments of everyday life and the comfort of my own home filled with family, friends, soul food, laughter and heart-to-heart conversations.


Michele Hutchison

Hello I’m Michele Hutchison.I moved to Amsterdam from London in 2004, just before the birth of my first child, Benjamin. Two and a half years after that, my daughter Ina was born. I live in a crumbling house in Amsterdam-Noord with my Dutch husband, the kids, two cats and a puppy.

Most of my career has been spent in the publishing industry where I worked as an editor for a number or years and also sold foreign rights. I’ve also translated about twenty Dutch books into English and when I’m not blogging, I’m mainly translating. When I’m not translating, you’re likely to find me up the allotment or cycling around the beautiful polder countryside just outside the city.





Launched in the summer of 2013, Finding Dutchland is a lifestyle blog featuring commentary on popular culture, photography, family-friendly travel, book reviews,  food, and honest talk about motherhood. Readers of Finding Dutchland are enthusiastic, modern parents who love discovering new things and conversations about living a fulfilling, authentic life.

Consider Finding Dutchland a place where you can find inspiration and something that speaks to you in this crazy, wonderful adventure called parenthood.

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